PURE Primary Care provides comprehensive care to patients of all ages.  

Wellness and Checkups

Good medicine is founded on the principle of prevention.  All patients are recommended to have an annual checkup.  This sets aside time for a comprehensive review of their health status, to discuss individual risk factors, routine screenings (labs etc), and recommended vaccinations.

 (We do not provide vaccinations at this time, but they are readily available at local pharmacies and the local health department, where they can bill your insurance). 

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Acute Illness and Injury

We are all human and have illness or accidents from time to time.  PURE Primary Care can handle nearly all of your non-emergency needs. We aim to prevent unnecessary trips to the ER or urgent care centers.  Members benefit from acute care at no additional cost---even sutures!

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We can provide all or your required examinations for school, sports, camp, or your pre-op examination before surgery.

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When your condition does not respond to usual treatment or is beyond our scope of services, we will point you in the right direction for sub-specialty care.  



It is estimated that up to 70% of primary care issues do not require an in-person visit to safely provide care.  Many medical concerns can be safely addressed by a phone call, video chat, email or secure messaging with photos.   When medically appropriate, we offer care by all these modalities, saving you time and money.  

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Chronic Disease Management

As a board certified Family Medicine specialist, Dr. Haden is specifically trained to treat a broad array of conditions: asthma, hypothyroid, diabetes, COPD/emphysema, hypertension, cholesterol, eczema, depression, obesity, gout, heart failure, rosacea, smoking cessation and more.

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Skin Care

Routine dermatology is part of primary care.  We can help you address acne, rashes, warts, ingrown toenails, skin infections, and even removal of moles and skin tags.    


Procedures and Testing

Most primary care rapid tests and procedures are  included in your membership--strep test, urine dip, freezing of warts, removal of skin tags, incision and drainage of abscesses.  Pay only the cost of injectable medications (local anesthetic when required).


Fertility Awareness

Dr. Haden strongly encourages women to understand their fertility and to monitor it through Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs) of natural family planning, such as the Creighton Model, Marquette Method, or FEMM.  He can connect you with local instructors of these methods as well as physicians trained to use your fertility charting to diagnose and treat gynecological problems and infertility.  

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House Calls

Are you homebound, or just prefer the convenience of house calls?  If you live in Arlington or Alexandria, you may want to consider joining our sister service, MODERN Mobile Medicine.  

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