Celebrating Patient Success

Monday motivation! One of my patients lost, and has kept off, 50 lbs!  That is incredible and incredibly inspiring! 

This 47 y/o mother of 3 had gradually put on weight like most adults, and was diagnosed with prediabetes, high cholesterol, extremely low vitamin D, and was taking prescriptions for each problem.  She decided things needed to change.  After 3 months and 25 lbs lost, we stopped her prescriptions, and 3 months after that she was 50 lbs down and maintaining normal blood sugar, cholesterol and vitamin D, ON HER OWN!   She was able to eliminate 3 medications entirely by changing to a healthy lifestyle and she feels great!  

So, how did she lose the weight?

She made a specific plan knowing what would work for her, made changes in stages not all at once, changed her food and beverage intake first, then gradually increased exercise.   She credits her first small step of eliminating sugar in her morning tea for creating a cascade for other changes--cutting that sugar out changed her appetite and food cravings the rest of the day.  She schedules her exercise (stationary bike, walks) daily, and uses the 7 Minute Workout on some days, keeping it efficient and giving her the tone she desired. 

Keys to her success:  specific & realistic plan (no fad diet), gradual changes, change food/drink first, increase exercise later, small steps but entire lifestyle changed.

One of the most gratifying moments as a physician is when I get to tell someone they no longer need their medications.  Feeling ready to change?  Schedule an appointment today to get started.
Live well,

Dr. Haden