Employee Healthcare

Reduce Costs

PURE Primary Care can help businesses reduce healthcare expenses year over year for employees and dependents.  Our highly accessible, cost effective primary care helps your employees avoid seeking care in higher cost settings like the emergency room, urgent care or sub-specialist offices.  By building a relationship with our patients, we are able to keep them healthier and avoid unnecessary visits to expensive subspecialists and the emergency department. 

For self-insured employers in particular, the year over year healthcare expenses are often 25% lower for those utilizing direct primary care vs. traditional insurance controlled primary care.  When we have more time with patients and less barriers to care, primary care doctors can save the health care system vast amounts of money. 

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Increase Access

PURE doctors are available to patients not only for office visits, but also by text, email, phone and video chats.  We provide care by the most appropriate means, since we are not restricted by insurance reimbursement rules.  With direct contact, as well as same-day or next day appointments, our patients enjoy unparalleled access to the expertise of their personal physician. 

Increase Satisfaction

Employees and their families LOVE the access to care provided by PURE Primary Care.  Getting routine care is no longer a hassle!  Our service is valuable benefit you can offer to prospective for recruitment and retention of current employees. 

We know that many small businesses would like to provide health insurance to their employees but find it cost prohibitive to do-so.  When you provide employees with a PURE membership, as a stand alone benefit or paired with a high deductible insurance plan, you can feel good knowing you are covering the majority of medical needs for your employees and their families.   


What about Small Businesses?

Direct Care


Cost Sharing


Health Sharing Groups

Many small business owners would like to provide some healthcare benefit to their employees, but traditional health insurance is too expensive. Savvy small businesses are offering DPC as a low cost benefit to keep their employees healthy. Some even directly purchase other care for their employees at discounted cash rates, like colonoscopies, MRIs etc. These direct benefits can be a powerful tool for recruitment and retention of your valuable employees.


Employers now have the option of partially reimbursing their employees for their own private purchase of health insurance. Various benefits companies such as Gravie coordinate this to find the best insurance option for your employees and their families.


Health sharing groups like Sedara Health offer a viable alternative to traditional health insurance for your employees.