Practice Policies and Links


Use the patient portal to access your chart and update your profile: change your pharmacy, see your lab results, ask a non-urgent question, update your phone number or address, upload an outside medical record or see your vaccination records. There are many self-service functions built in, saving you time and hassle!


Appointments are self-scheduled online.   This modern convenience saves you time and makes it easier to make or change an appointment.   If you are in need of an office, phone or video appointment, simply schedule it online.  No need to wait for the office to open, and no waiting on hold for a secretary. 

Need to change your appointment? You can do that directly from the confirmation email you received at the time of booking. 

Unscheduled calls will typically go to voicemail since the doctor is likely with another patient.  


Dr. Haden is very deliberate in prescribing enough medicine to last as long as is possible before you need to be rechecked again.  If you are running out of medicine, it means you are due for laboratory studies or a repeat evaluation. Please schedule an appointment before you run out of chronic medications.  Refill requests should be made during regular business hours via the Patient Portal.   



New patients can connect with Dr. Haden on the Spruce app here


Our service is for primary care only.  By definition, if a medical problem cannot safely  wait until business hours, it is an emergency.  We do not provide emergency care.

If you are having an emergency like chest pain, call 911 immediately, and then notify your doctor once you have been evaluated at the hospital.

Sometimes patients ask for routine care to be provided after-hours out of convenience or discomfort, for example, a child with an overnight earache.  Ideally, Dr. Haden would have prepared you for these foreseeable problems, and you would know how to effectively treat the symptoms until the office is open.  You can even get online in middle of the night and schedule an appointment for the morning. 

If you still need to reach the doctor after-hours, that is available 24/7 to practice MEMBERS ONLY.   We are happy to help you in your time of need.  

However, we do ask that you understand that doctors are not robots and need to have some time off work and rest.  We strive to live out the work-life balance advice that we give to our patients. Please reserve after-hours requests for truly urgent matters, never for refills or appointment requests.   

If you can anticipate needing to see or talk with the doctor, please do-so during regular service hours.   If you must seek care after-hours or on weekends, there is a small on-call fee of $50 (which Dr. Haden will use to buy dinner and flowers to apologize to his wife for being pulled away).  


We provide limited vaccines at this time, although we highly encourage our patients to stay up to date on immunizations.  They are readily available at pharmacies and local health departments, where you may apply your insurance or obtain them at a discount.  


Routine Pediatric Immunization Schedule



Routine Adult Immunization Schedule